You have three options when making a donation to our Wykons Shootathon Fundraiser Shoot-a-Thon fundraiser. Please read each of the three descriptions below and choose the appropriate donation method. We appreciate your support!

1) Make a flat donation and pay now by credit card

If you would like to make a flat donation amount and pay now by credit card (we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card and American Express), click the "donate" button below to fill out the necessary credit card information. This is a secure order form and your credit card information is extremely confidential. Important - We ask that if you make a donation by credit card, please return to our website and send us a note from our "contact us" page, alerting us to whom the donation should be credited.

2) Pledge amount per free-throw made and pay later

You may "pledge" a certain amount of money per free-throw shot made by one of our participants. Each person will shoot 100 free-throws and your total donation determined by your "pledge amount" will be calculated on the number made out of 100. For example, if you pledge .50 cents per shot made, and the participant makes 65 shots out of 100, you agree to pay $32.5 at the conclusion of our Shoot-a-Thon. We will contact you with your total pledge amount when the event is over.


You may return to this page after the conclusion of the "Shoot-a-Thon" to make your total payment via credit card with option #1 above or mail a check or money order with option #3 below.

Click image below to pledge an amount.

3) Mail a flat donation or pledge amount

You may send in a flat donation or pledge amount to our Shoot-a-Thon. Please send check or money order made payable to "Jamie Angeli" and send to:

Jamie Angeli
Wykons Shootathon Fundraiser
277 E. 207th Street, #4F
Bronx, NY 10467

If mailing a pledge, please be sure to include the student-athlete's name you are sponsoring and the amount of money you are pledging per free-throw made out of 100. If it is a flat donation, please include the participant(s), if any, who is responsible for the donation.