Today is Jul 12, 2024, a great day to support the Wykons Shootathon Fundraiser Shoot-a-Thon Fundraiser!

Our student-athletes will be participating in a "Shoot-a-Thon" fundraiser. On a designated upcoming event, at West Iron County High School, our student-athletes will each shoot 100 freethrows and their results will be accurately tabulated and recorded. Prior to this event, each student-athlete will ask family, friends and program supporters to assist them in their fundraising efforts by pledging a specific amount of money for each freethrow they make out of 100.

The money raised will be used to purchase new practice uniforms. Upon completion of the "Shoot-a-Thon", you can check back to this website and we will post how each individual student-athlete performed and how much money we raised as a team.

Won't you please help our fundraising efforts by sponsoring a student-athlete today and make a pledge amount for every freethrow your sponsored student-athlete makes out of 100. A flat donation amount is certainly welcome as well.

We have provided you with three convenient ways to donate to our "Shoot-a-Thon". Click the "Pledge / Donate" link now for more details and to make a donation. If you should have any questions regarding our fundraising program, please feel free to drop us a note by clicking the "Contact Us" link.